Polar bear in central Mexico zoo is living under cruel conditions - please help her!

Polar bear in central Mexico zoo is living under cruel conditions - please help her!:
Renewed 2012 Push to Help Yupi - Join the Campaign!

 Yupi is a 22 year old female polar bear living at the Morelia Zoo in Mexico. Yupi was brought to the Morelia Zoo in Mexico in 1992 when she was only 3 months old. She was brought from Alaska as an orphaned cub. Upon arrival at the Mexican zoo Yupi was placed in an old grizzly bear pen and sadly this small pen is what she still lives in today... 22 years later.

Polar bears have evolved to occupy a very narrow ecological niche. Their body characteristics have adapted for cold temperatures, moving across snow, ice, open water, and hunting. All polar bears have certain basic physical and physiological requirements. They require very cold climate, large spaces, complex natural terrain, and complexity, choice, and control in their daily lives.

Yupi's life at the Morelia Zoo is cruel and deficient in many ways based on a polar bears needs. She spends her time in a tiny and barren enclosure which is in a tropical climate that is not at all appropriate for polar bears. Her enclosure is composed entirely of hard concrete, and she has no soft surfaces to walk on or lie on.

On top of this, she is locked up in her tiny holding pen for almost 17 hours each day. Her pen is barren, hard, damp, and does not allow in any natural light and she has no means of any mental stimulation. No polar bear should have to be subjected to these kind of living conditions day in and day out.

Pressure has been put on the Morelia Zoo to relocate her but they claim that Yupi is a valuable asset to their live collection and a showcase animal that is well-liked by members of the public. However this is not a valid point on their part considering the very limited viewing opportunities provided to visitors who come to see Yupi.

On the 3rd of May of this year the international Save Yupi Coalition hand-delivered an amazing 82,000 signatures and protest letters to the director of Morelia Zoo. In addition to that Zoocheck has conducted a search for a new permanent home for Yupi and there is interest in providing Yupi a new appropriate home. But first Morelia Zoo has to agree that Yupi should be moved to a more appropriate climate and facility that is better suited for polar bears.

Although Yupi is no longer a young bear, she could live for a number of years yet. Whatever time she has left, Yupi should be allowed to enjoy life in a home where she can actually do some of the things that polar bears naturally do. Yupi shouldn't have to spend the rest of her life living in a concrete exhibit in the extreme heat of central Mexico.

Please add your voice to protest Yupi's living conditions in her current home at the Morelia Zoo. Take a minute to send a prewritten letter to the zoo by clicking on the link below.


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