We ask the Indian government to end this cruel and barbaric practice

Please read the below, it is a deeply disturbing reality, and then SIGN & SHARE the below petition, to expose and end the dark truth behind the dancing bear. Here is what bear cubs suffer: 1. First few days are spent in the dark under an upside-down basket without food, water, or contact of any kind. 2. Tied to a post in the village where the children torment it. 3. At 6 months, a red-hot poker is forced through the bone, cartilage and nerve membrane in the top of the muzzle and a coarse rope pulled through the wound - a second piercing is necessary, usually done before the first wound has healed. 4. At less than one year of age, their teeth are knocked out with a hammer -- with no anaesthetic. Between 60% and 70% of the cubs die before they can be trained due to the punishing regime of beatings and starvation. 5. To train the bear to dance, hot coals are placed under their feet and the muzzle pain is exacerbated as the trainer pulls on the rope forcing the cub to stand upright. Under their thick collars, cuts are made to inflict more pain, thus the bears' undivided attention and complete compliance. A total of 60% to 70% of the cubs die before training. 20% from shock of separation from their mothers 20% to 40% die during transportation 20% die during early handling 40% of the remaining cubs die during their first year.