VICTORY! China Southern Airlines BANS Shipping of Monkeys to Labs!

I have exciting news to share from our campaign to ground cruel primate shipments!

Following an intense, three-year international PETA campaign, which included more than 100,000 calls and e-mails from supporters like you, China Southern Airlines announced in an e-mail to PETA this morning that it will "stop transporting live primates for laboratory experiments on all flights"—effective immediately!

Prior to this announcement, China Southern was the only airline in China—and the only major carrier in the world other than Air France—still shipping primates to laboratories. Federal records show that in 2013, China Southern shipped more than 2,500 monkeys to laboratories in the U.S., where they were poisoned, infected, crippled, and mutilated in cruel experiments.

China Southern joins the growing list of airlines—including Air China, China Eastern Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, and United Airlines—that PETA has convinced to stop supporting this bloody trade following a relentless global campaign. Air France is now the only major airline left that is willing to ship monkeys, so it will be extremely difficult and expensive for experimenters to get their hands on monkeys to torment. This means that more primates will remain in the wild with their families instead of being trapped and imprisoned at decrepit breeding farms and terrifying laboratories.

Please help us build on this momentum by urging Air France to join every single other major airline in the world by refusing to ship primates to certain suffering and death in laboratories


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