Ramsgate Live Export Protest - 14th November 2019.

This evening's sailing of the Joline was back to the bad old days when the exporters give a time and then totally ignore it.
We had been told 6pm for the lorries but they actually arrived at 8pm.

The first we heard of them was when one of our spotters saw the Van Veen pass Thurrock services at 6.15pm and then the trail was on.
The four vehicles seemed to come from different directions all ending on the M2 by 7.15pm
They then seemed to get split up into two pairs but managed to get back together after the Lord of the Manor roundabout.
One of our cars led Onderwater in the lead vehicle onto the roundabout followed by Mrs Onderwater in the deJong. Then came a UK registered vehicle R&B Transport from LLandirndodwells, Powys, Wales followed by the Van Veen.
By the time they arrived over 90 people had made it to the roundabout and may I express my heartfelt thanks for the effort you all make. Without you we would be powerless!!
We learnt that the original cab that was supposed to be pulling the third vehicle, the Griffin, had broken down, this probably made the delay, and the Welsh company stepped in to help.

Some of our people found the companies website and I doubt the owners will enjoy the comments that were placed on it. A man is judged by the company he keeps!!!!
We had issues with the deJong as we saw a sick animal on the bottom tier nearside at the front and the Van Veen was well and truly stuffed stank to high heaven of urine and the animals were wet through probably with the urine dripping from above. Several were spotted with blood coming from their noses on this vehicle and were videoed.
The commander of the police, at our request, went down into the port after the sit down to report our concerns. He returned later to say DEFRA had no issues with these vehicles, he said he had to take their word for this as he had no power to override their decisions as DEFRA inspectors have total power in the port.
We know they will let anything go so they don't have to deal with it. Since 2016, miraculously, there have never been any sick or injured animals on any of the vehicles so there must have been divine intervention, I can't think of any other reason for everything to be so perfect. Excuse my sarcasm!!!!
How the DEFRA inspectors could have looked correctly at the animals is beyond us as the vehicles seemed to go on to the ship with no inspections whatsoever. They must work very quickly but take it from me the animals on the Van Veen looked terrible.
Thank you to all who came and enabled us to have such a good look at the animals.
Yvonne KAALE.

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