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Lève-toi contre l’élevage ! Husbandry is slavery ! Que nos mains se dressent pour les milliards de pattes arrachées ! Que nos doigts pointent les ennemis de la dignité animale ! Que nos bras protègent les femelles violhantées ! Que nos poings s’opposent aux éleveurs de douleur ! Que nos poignets ouvrent les fermes ! Que nos gestes repoussent les violants ! Que nos écritures nomment les tortures ! Que nos corps s’opposent aux zooppresseurs ! Hands to end husbandry NOW ! Les crimes sexopédospécistes doivent cesser ! L’éleveur doit être empêché d’enlever les enfants et de se substituer aux taureaux, cochons, coqs, canards, lapins, carpes…Ni dieux, ni maîtres, ni patrons, ni maris ! Femellistes tant qu’il le faudra ! Nos mains ne cesseront plus jamais d’être banderoles jusqu’à l’abolition universelle de l’élevage ! Nos pouces ouvrent déjà les loquets délivrant les prizooniers politiques ! La résistance des femelles contre l’androspécisme est en cours ! Mizoogynie partout, justice nulle part : soyons les gifles du gynolocauste ! Que nos sabots sabotent les camps de concentration ! Que nos griffes arrachent les grillages ! Que nos ergots croche-pattent la dicktature. Que nos palmes nagent hors des piscicultures ! Que nos bras soient des ailes ! Soyons les mains de demain ! Maintenant ! Des milliers de mains se lèvent contre l'husbandry !!! Pars opposer la tienne ! La lutte a besoin de tes mains qui dénoncent la ferme de ta campagne, l'enclos de tes voisins, l'usine de ta Bretagne, les algues vertes de tes plages, les charniers de ton supermarché, la petite boutique des horreur de ton quartier !!! L' abolition c'est MAINtenant !!!

Visit​ to donate and participate in the auction. HELP GOJIRA MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE AMAZON RAINFOREST THIS IS A CALL FOR UNITY and solidarity with indigenous peoples, to end genocide and ecocide in the Amazon. On March 26 we released our new single “Amazonia”. We wrote this song because we feel heartbroken to see the last ancient forest on earth disappearing before our eyes. If it continues at this rate, there will be no more Amazon forest in 15 years. We decided to do something to help the situation. We chose to make a donation and organize an auction to raise money around this release. We want to be vocal about it, raise awareness and start a movement with the help of our brothers and sisters from the metal / rock scene. HOW TO SAVE THE AMAZON? Since the dramatic increase of criminal fires and deforestation in the Amazon in 2019, we have been doing extensive research and speaking with some of the fiercest activists in the United States, France and Brazil. We’ve asked for their opinions their opinion and guidance on how to help with the conservation and reforestation of the Amazon rainforest. We quickly understood that the only way to protect the forest is to ensure the survival of its indigenous inhabitants. Farmlands are taking over the forest at an incredible pace. The current Brazilian government is aggravating the situation. Attacks on indigenous peoples and general violence against them has been increasing at an alarming rate. Harassment, murder, criminal fires on indigenous land… is what’s happening right now. We have a responsibility: Europe and America are Brazil’s largest markets for consumer goods and raw materials. Our consumer behavior thus helped trigger the situation in Amazonia and is providing incentives for the burning of the rainforest. The impact of the destruction of the Amazon and its biodiversity can hardly be estimated. It is an irreparable loss for humankind! The pressure on the Amazon and the (indigenous) peoples living there is growing steadily. Insightful short documentary on the subject :