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The Tragic Behind-the-Scenes Reality for Animals Filmed for Movies and TV Shows

Subscribe to #PETA​:​ . 🔔Turn on ALL push notifications 🔔 Ever see an elephant, tiger, or even a dog in your favorite movie or TV show and wonder what their life is like when they’re not being forced onto a set? Most likely, it’s hell. Often torn away from their mothers as infants and subjected to lives of punishment and deprivation, animals used in film and television productions have no control over their lives. They’re treated like props, often forced to perform confusing tricks on cue until they’re considered too old, too sick, or simply no longer profitable. Cruelty often lurks behind-the-scenes on productions that exploit live animals for entertainment. If you see an animal being used for a film or television show, please report it to PETA right away: or call (323) 210-2233

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